Why gluten is bad for your health with Dr. William Davis, author of “Wheat Belly”

According to Dr. William Davis, going gluten-free can lead to a reduction of asthma symptoms, blood sugar, pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and hundreds of other conditions.

In addition, going gluten-free can help with weight loss, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, joint pain, heart burn and acid reflux.

Find out if going gluten-free is for you by watching Randy Alvarez, host of The Wellness Hour, interview Dr. Davis about his book, “Wheat Belly.”

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Reversing Diabetes with Dr. William Davis, author of “Wheat Belly”

Randy Alvarez, co-host of The Randy & Christa Show, interviews Dr. William Davis, cardiologist & bestselling author of “Wheat Belly,” about how to create a grain-free lifestyle for reversing diabetes.

According to Dr. William Davis, if you want type 2 diabetes, follow conventional advice to cut fat and eat more “healthy whole grains.” (This is also true for type 1 diabetes in susceptible individuals with pancreatic beta cell autoimmunity triggered by wheat gliadin or corn zein.) …Read More