The Healing Powers of Bone Broth – Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet

Did you know that all of our cells have a regeneration timeframe and that the regeneration time for the intestinal cells is 21 days?

It’s amazing to think that in just 21 days with one of nature’s oldest foods, you could literally start the regeneration process of enlivening your digestive system, and as a byproduct, lose unwanted fat (up to 15 lbs), reverse signs of aging, skyrocket your energy, and regain your healthy, shiny hair of years past. …Read More

JJ Virgin on Creating a Miracle Mindset

Celebrity health expert and four-time New York Times bestselling author JJ Virgin reveals how one life-altering event taught her to tap into an indomitable mindset, trust her instincts, and defy the odds, ultimately saving her son’s life…and her own. She’ll share the lessons she learned that can help you create your own resilient mindset.

In 2012, JJ Virgin was in a hospital room next to her sixteen-year-old son who was struck by a hit-and-run driver and left for dead. She was told by doctors that he wouldn’t last through the night and to let him go. With every reason to give up, JJ chose instead to invest her energy into the hope that her son would not just survive, but thrive. In Miracle Mindset, she shares the lessons that gave her the courage to overcome the worst moment of her life. …Read More

No more bleeding gums or bad breath with Oak Lawn, Illinois Dentist Harry Haralampopoulos, DDS

In today’s episode on The Wellness Hour, Randy Alvarez interviews Chicago Dentist Harry Haralampopoulos, DDS about lasers in dentistry. Whether you have receding gums, diseased gum tissue or just want more beautiful teeth, be sure you watch this one!

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