Combating Leaky Gut Syndrome with Jordan Reasoner

Christa Orecchio discusses different methods to combat leaky gut syndrome with Jordan Reasoner on The Randy & Christa Show.

The term Leaky Gut Syndrome is used to describe the condition of “Hyperpermeable Intestines,” a fancy medical term that means the intestinal lining has became more porous, with more holes developing that are larger in size and the screening out process is no longer functioning properly. (more…)

The Calorie Myth with Jonathan Bailor

Christa Orecchio discusses The Calorie Myth with bestselling author, Jonathan Bailor on The Randy & Christa Show.

What if everything you were taught about eating, exercise, weight loss, and health was proven wrong?

When it comes to most things in life, we welcome the latest advances in science: from the convenience of our smart phones to the life-saving technology in our hospitals, scientific advancement allow us to be more efficient, more productive, and lead better, happier lives. (more…)

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Naturally with Dr. Brian Mowll

Christa Orecchio discusses how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally with Dr. Brian Mowll on The Randy & Christa Show.

There’s a common saying in the diabetes community that diabetes won’t kill you, but it’s complications will. Still, according to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2010, with over 69,000 death certificates listing it as the underlying cause of death. (more…)

Liver health, glutathione and vitamin / mineral deficiencies with Lauren Noel N.D.

Randy Alvarez and Christa Orecchio interview Naturopathic Doctor Lauren Noel about liver health, glutathione, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Dr. Lauren Noel is the founder of Shine Natural Medicine. She was awarded her Bachelor Degree in psychology from Biola University in La Mirada, California. During her undergraduate studies, she worked in an acupuncture clinic and discovered the beauty of natural medicine. She also developed a passion for nutrition and began pursuing a career that viewed “food as medicine.” (more…)

The Slow Down Diet with Marc David M.A., of Boulder, Colorado

Randy Alvarez and Christa Orecchio interview Nutritional Psychologist Marc David, M.A.
about his new book The Slow Down Diet: Your Relationship with Food on The Randy & Christa Show.

According to Marc David, our modern culture revolves around fitting as much as possible into the least amount of time. As a result, most people propel themselves through life at a dizzying pace that is contrary to a healthy lifestyle. (more…)

Food Based Solutions to Anxiety with Trudy Scott, C.N.

Randy Alvarez and Christa Orecchio interview Certified Nutritionist Trudy Scott discuss food-based solutions to anxiety on The Randy & Christa Show.

Trudy’s emphasis is on educating successful women about a healthy and balanced lifestyle, dietary choices based on a whole-foods approach and individualized nutrient supplementation as needed – so you can be your healthiest, look your best and feel on-top-of-the-world emotionally. (more…)

Vitamin D and Depression with Sara Van Anrooy, MD

Randy Alvarez and Christa Orecchio interview Dr. Sara Van Anrooy about vitamin D and depression on The Randy & Christa Show.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient/hormone for optimal brain health. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin but a prohormone or hormone building block. Vitamins by definition are provided through food and the primary source of Vitamin D is UVB rays from the sun. A small amount is available through food sources. (more…)

The Metabolic Effect Diet with Dr. Jade Teta

Randy Alvarez and Christa Orecchio talk to Dr. Jade Teta about his book The Metabolic Effect on The Randy & Christa Show.

According to Dr. Teta, there is no such thing as the perfect program. You don’t find a diet. You create it from an intimate understanding of your unique metabolic expression, psychological sensitivities, and personal preferences. (more…)

Practical Paleo with Diane Sanfilippo

Randy Alvarez and Christa Orecchio talk to Diane Sanfilippo about “Practical Paleo” on The Randy & Christa Show.

Learn why avoiding both processed foods and foods marketed as “healthy,” like grains, legumes, and pasteurized dairy will improve how you look and feel, lead to lasting weight loss, and reduce or completely eliminate symptoms associated with common health disorders! (more…)

Raising Healthier Children with Katie, “The Wellness Mama”

Randy Alvarez and Christa Orecchio talk to Katie, “The Wellness Mama” about raising healthier children on The Randy & Christa Show.

Katie’s mission is to educate moms (or dads, or anyone) who care about the drastically rising rates of obesity and disease and wants better for our children and future generations. (more…)