Dental Implants with Las Vegas Dentist Dr. Mike M. Golpa

Randy Alvarez interviews Dr. Mike M. Golpa of Las Vegas, Nevada on dental implants.

The Golpa G4 Implant Solution provides a permanent, titanium reinforced bridge for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth (arch) in just one visit.

The procedure is best for patients in dentures, or with significant tooth loss or decay, and for people whose bone loss in the jaw area prevents them from getting traditional implants.

The Golpa G4 Implant Solution consists of establishing a fully customized bridge based on as few as four titanium implants. The solution takes advantage of existing bone, even if scarce, avoiding having to use bone grafts.

By following the four fundamental protocols of the G4 Implant Solution, Dr. Golpa is able to provide patients a permanent bridge with a titanium bar in just one visit. This allows patients to enjoy the foods they love hours after surgery!

About Dr. Mike Golpa
Dr. Golpa has been placing dental implants, with an industry leading success rate, for more than two decades. He spent the first half of his career becoming the premier cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, developing a skilled eye and artistic hand, with which he’s created and perfected the most cutting-edge techniques.



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6420 Medical Center Street, Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89148
(800) 797-0406
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