The Vampire Lift with Dr. Greg Keller

Randy Alvarez interviews Dr. Keller on The Wellness Hour about the Vampire Lift. Dr. Keller says “Our goal is to maintain and restore your appearance with a natural look that solves your individual problems of aging. Our specialty is the neck, nose and face. Unlike many surgeons, we devote ourselves full time to perfecting surgery in this limited area.”

The mission of Dr. Keller’s team is to provide patients with the most innovative and highest quality facial plastic surgery in Southern California and the West. Their highest priority is to help people achieve their customized goals as quickly and naturally as possible – with optimal outcome and minimal recovery time.

Because their team “super specializes” and limits their practice to facial plastic surgery of the face, head, nose and neck, they are able to focus on this limited field. Because they don’t do breast and body work, they can devote all of their time and attention to maintaining and restoring a natural, more youthful appearance. As a result, they can keep up with the many advances in this specialty field and tailor a choice of many options that are just right for an individual “new natural look.”

They also maintain an academic affiliation so that they can offer up-to-date, well-tested techniques to best care for their patients. Dr. Keller is an internationally-known board certified facial plastic surgeon and restricts his practice to the areas of the face, head, nose and neck.

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