Mini-Dental Implants with Larry Stroud, DMD of Louisville, Kentucky

Randy Alvarez, host of The Wellness Hour, discusses mini-dental implants with Dr. Larry Stroud.

About Dr. Larry Stroud
Dr. Stroud is a native of Louisville, Kentucky who graduated from Fern Creek High School, Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry.

He’s been married to his wife Dana for 18 years and has 3 sons: Jonah-15, Micah-13, and Jesse-9. They are active members of Southeast Christian Church. In his free time, Dr. Stroud loves to be outdoors hiking in the woods, playing with his kids or following the Kentucky Wildcats.

He’s been in practice in Louisville for 22 years, performing all types of general dentistry. Through the years it’s been frustrating for Dr. Stroud to see people suffer with their dentures and partial plates. Many times the dentures are loose and float around; people have trouble eating; their mouths stay sore and they hate using all those messy adhesives to keep their teeth in.

It used to be that the only real solution for these people was to have surgical implants performed. A few of his patients would do this, but Dr. Stroud found that most people didn’t want to go through the extensive surgery and recovery time involved. Plus, it was very expensive. In 2002, he became aware of mini-dental implants that require no surgery, minimal healing time and cost much less than traditional implants.

Dr. Stroud began receiving training and started placing mini-implants that year. In the last seven years, he’s been involved in advanced training twice a year with the leader in the mini-implant process, Dr. Todd Shatkin of New York. Dr. Stroud is a founding member and Master of the International Academy of Mini-Dental Implants, and has placed over 6000 mini-implants.

Mini-implants have changed peoples lives more than anything he’s ever done in dentistry. People who could hardly eat are now eating their favorite foods again. He’s had patients who wore no teeth at all because of their horrible gag reflex and are now going out and smiling with confidence because of mini-implants.

Dr. Stroud has seen and heard a lot of these personal stories of changed lives over the last seven years and feels like this has become his mission is his practice – to change as many lives for the better as he possibly can with mini-dental implants.



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