The Modern Facelift with Palm Desert Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Craig Ball

Randy Alvarez, host of The Wellness Hour, interviews Palm Desert Cosmetic Surgeon Craig Ball, MD about the modern facelift.

When you feel youthful and vibrant, you want that radiance to be reflected in your appearance. Women and men visit Dr. Ball at Cosmetic Surgery Institute for facelift and neck lift surgery in Palm Desert from Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, and surrounding areas to reverse the signs of aging and restore their natural beauty. Dr. Ball implements a variety of strategic approaches during facial sculpting to give their patients complete rejuvenation benefits now and for years to come.

He takes a multidisciplinary approach to facelift surgery that addresses three common age-related conditions: skin laxity, facial hollowing, and poor skin texture and coloring. Using a combination of procedures and treatments that are tailored to your individual needs and physical characteristics, he can rejuvenate the skin and stimulate the production of collagen for a youthful appearance that will last.

During your facelift and neck lift, Dr. Ball first addresses the issue of skin laxity or facial sagging by removing excess skin and then tightening the underlying muscles. Although some facial surgeons stop here, he takes your surgery a step further with fat grafting. Using your existing fat tissue, he can add volume to areas of the face that appear hollow, such as under the eyes or cheeks. This step results in more youthful contours and a more natural appearance. In addition, collagen stimulation treatments are offered 6 weeks after surgery to help stimulate collagen production and refine the skin texture and tone.


What types of facelift are available?

Cosmetic Surgery Institute provides a variety of facelift procedures, including traditional, mini-, and mid- facelifts. Traditional facelifts are beneficial for people who want to tighten skin in the lower face and neck. A mini-facelift provides subtle improvements and is typically suggested for individuals who have a small amount of skin sagging. Mid-facelifts correct sagging in the cheeks and improve the look of laugh lines. These procedures may be combined or customized depending on the case. Your surgeon will discuss the appropriate procedure with you at the time of your consultation.


Should I include a fat transfer in my face procedure?

Our surgeons almost always include fat transfers during a facelift and neck lift. They have found that combining fat grafting with laser skin rejuvenation stimulates the formation of collagen and improves blood supply in the skin. This results in fewer lines and wrinkles, a more youthful looking complexion, and longer lasting results.


How can I improve the look of my eyes?

Approximately 90% of our patients who choose a facelift also opt for eyelid surgery to “open up” the eye area. A modified brow lift is another option for individuals who want to reduce the look of wrinkles on the forehead or between the brows. Our surgeons can perform these procedures simultaneously for more dramatic improvements.


How can I maintain the results of my facelift?

After facelift surgery, regular laser or Ultherapy® treatments are recommended to improve the quality of the skin and promote collagen production. A regular skincare routine consisting of clinical products can also keep your skin healthy and in good condition. Additional treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used to lessen the look of deep facial creases, such as forehead lines.



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