The New 73: Dr. Life’s Secrets to Health and Wellness

Randy Alvarez, host of The Wellness Hour, interviews Jeff Life, M.D. Dr. Life explains what he does to look so good at 73 years old.

About Dr. Jeff Life
In 1997, Dr. Life was a board certified family practice physician. He was 59 years old, overweight, had a poorly conditioned body and rapidly declining health. He couldn’t tie his shoes without losing his breath. His stomach was huge, his muscles and joints ached, and he was miserable. He decided it was time to focus some much needed medical attention on himself.

Not knowing where to start, he began reading fitness magazines and came across an article that featured the winners of the Body-for-LIFE contest. He showed them to his girlfriend, Annie, and she said it was exactly what he needed to do. he followed a low-glycemic/low-fat diet, took supplements, and plunged into a heavy exercise regimen with help from a former Navy Seal personal trainer, Ernie Baul. At the end of 1998, at 60 years of age and after consistently eating right and training right, he became the grand champion in Bill Phillip’s 1998 Body-for-LIFE contest.

Dr. Life continued to be committed to the Fitness Lifestyle, yet despite his hard work and dedication, he started losing ground as he edged toward 63. He was slowly losing muscle mass, strength and regaining body fat. His energy level was waning, as was his libido. He had heard about the anti-aging medicine movement, so he investigated further. He learned a whole new level of protocols and philosophies and immediately agreed to become a patient. Within a couple weeks, he started to see and feel a marked shift in his body, mind and spirit. Dr. life was once again becoming a vibrant, healthy and happy man. It was life altering and became the catalyst that moved him from family medicine to healthy aging medicine. He wanted every man and woman that struggled as he had to have hope for a better life.

Today at 78 years of age Dr. Life in the best shape of his life. He’s in the gym 5 days a week. He has a thriving practice in Charleston, West Virginia (The Life Center for Healthy Aging), and he’s authored three books: The Life Plan, Mastering the Life Plan and The Life Plan Diet. At the end of 2012, Men’s Fitness Magazine selected him and 24 others as the top 25 fittest men of the year. The other 24 honorees were men in their 20’s and 30’s and most were professional athletes or actors. The program works, he is living his dream, and there is no end in sight.

According to Dr. Life, it would have never happened if he had not made the decision to live a healthier life. While your life may not take the same path as his, it most certainly can be more productive, happier, and healthier for longer if you start taking care of it now. It is never too late, nor too early, to start living a healthy and fit lifestyle.



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