New Treatment Options for TMJ/TMD with Edna, Texas Dentist Dr. Mac Lee

Randy Alvarez, host of The Wellness Hour, interviews Edna, Texas dentist Dr. Mac Lee about new treatment options for TMJ and TMD.

People underestimate the power of muscles when it comes to pain just like they underestimate the power of water until they are in the middle of a hurricane. To take it a step farther, most people have no idea that a headache, a migraine, shoulder tightness, back pain, neck pain, ear problems, etc could be due to specific muscle spasms called trigger points.


Why do I have jaw pain?

Because the pain from muscle trigger points can be so severe, people start thinking, “I have a tumor, something is seriously wrong” which only makes sense. If tumors or other serious conditions have been ruled out via CAT scan, MRI, neurological exam etc, the questions that need to be asked are; why do I get the trigger point pains, why do they reoccur and is there a way to prevent them so I don’t have to be on medication?

For most, the answer is yes, there is help. Dr. Mac Lee is extremely lucky to have world ranked 110M Hurdler and Olympic Trials Qualifier, Chris Thomas as a friend and mentor. Best of all, Chris is an expert on trigger points and does his massage therapy (deep tissue & wellness) at Dr. Lee’s office three days a week. They work together on patients who have head and neck pain due to TMD (TMJ). Chris’ job is to balance the muscles and Dr. Lee’s job is to balance the teeth and bite.


What do muscles have to do with TMJ or TMD?

Let’s look at muscle spasms, fatigue and trigger points starting at the opposite end of the body, the feet. If one had a foot one inch shorter than the other, it would create imbalance in the way a person walked. Over time and certainly in times of stress, the walking muscles which include the lower back could go into spasm and create bed ridden pain. If the teeth don’t fit right, the same principles hold true except the pain would be in the head, eyes, ears and neck.

Most of us think we “can work through” the sore muscles but these trigger points need extra treatment. That doesn’t mean medication. According to Dr. Lee, the best remedy is to have specific massage for that specific area and to be informed of the cause and the best way to lessen the possibility of persistent pain. Sometimes a bite appliance is also in order to keep the muscles in harmony.


About Dr. Mac Lee

Dr. McHenry (Mac) Lee is a fifth generation Texan and third generation dentist from Edna. He and his wife, Carol, moved back to the Crossroads area after graduating from Baylor Dental School in 1972. They like the rural life and the connection to family and land.

Not only does Dr. Mac take extensive Continuing Education courses, he teaches them. He’s been teaching other dentists across North America for more than 30 years. He is still very active in Dental Continuing Education, speaking to large groups such as the Texas Dental Association, the prestigious Dental Town Meeting and the Houston Star of the South meeting.

He’s reached Fellowship Status with the American Academy of General Dentist, Fellowship in the International College of Crainiomandibular Orthopedics ( and is on the Board of Regents of the ICCMO North American chapter.

Dr. Lee has been an advisor to Dr. Mehmet Oz on The Discovery Channel, Oprah XM radio with Dr. Oz and was contributor to his three “You” health books. He was co-author of the “Nothin’ Personal Doc, But I Hate Dentists!” dental consumer book.

Dr. Lee’s experience allows him to help people with the more difficult dental problems. He practices big city dentistry in his hometown of Edna.



Contact Dr. Mac Lee
5118 North Wells, Edna, TX 77957
(361) 782-7191
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