No More Dentures with Clyde, North Carolina Dentist John Highsmith, DDS

Randy Alvarez, host of The Wellness Hour, interviews Clyde, North Carolina dentist John Highsmith, DDS about replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Has it been awhile since you truly loved your smile because of a missing tooth or even multiple teeth? This oral health dilemma is actually more common than you may think. Patients of all ages come to Dr. Highsmith’s practice seeking solutions about how to restore their smile for a more complete appearance that radiates renewed health and happiness.

Implants can provide the solid and strong foundation you’ve been seeking, allowing for long-term stability and comfort. Whether you’re missing one or a few teeth, Dr. Highsmith can artfully craft a treatment plan designed to restore a fuller smile that’s refreshed and complete. Over the past few decades, he’s placed and restored thousands of dental implants. Patients enjoy compassionate care in the comfort of his office, instead bouncing around from specialists to dentists. Dr. Highsmith is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, so know in the end you’re going to love your new look.

Stop missing out on life by shying away from social situations or avoiding the foods you love because of an imperfect smile. Start living all over again with a flawless smile free of missing teeth.


Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Implant dentistry has grown in popularity over the past two decades. But its uses are rooted in history as far back as 600 A.D. in early Mayan cultures, where researchers have found evidence that implants constructed of jade and carved stones helped replace missing teeth.

Today the process of placing implants is a combination of art and skill, designed to replace natural teeth with a durable synthetic root and crown to restore functionality and form.

Under proper conditions, dental implants can last a lifetime and transform a mouth damaged by a missing tooth or teeth as a result of injury or disease. Implant retained dentures can offer a more dependable solution to removable dentures, with stability you can always trust.

Outstanding results are achieved by placing an artificial tooth root into the jaw and finishing with a customized crown designed to mimic the look, color and feel of surrounding natural teeth.


The Dental Implant Advantage:
  • Replace one or more missing teeth with a singular crown or bridge.
  • Make dentures fit more comfortably and securely.
  • Create a fuller, enhanced appearance for added confidence.
  • Do away with dietary restrictions and enjoy the foods you like.

Dental implants have been helping people enjoy fuller, healthier smiles for decades. Now’s the time to find out how implants can help you stop missing out on life because of missing teeth.


How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Single Tooth Implants
Dental implants start at about $1,800 for a single-tooth implant with a crown. Pricing varies and depends on the materials being used.

Look for a dentist that has a lot of experience with dental implants. When they recommend options for replacing missing teeth with dental implants, make sure you ask them how many times they have performed the procedures on others, how often they do it and if they teach the subject. Ask them how many continuing education hours they have dedicated to taking dental implant training courses and when was the last time they attended one.

Full Set of Dental Implants
To replace a full set of upper or lower teeth, the cost can start from $15,000 to $35,000 per arch of teeth. Financing is available for these procedures. The goal is to get it done right the first time. Choose a dentist with a great bedside manner and a lot of experience with dental implants. This is an expensive procedure, but worth every penny, according to patients. You use your mouth all day, every day. It’s much more important than any new car or truck.


About Dr. John Highsmith

Dr. Highsmith is a Phi Beta Kappa and Salutatorian graduate of Davidson College. He earned his dental degree from the University of North Carolina (go Heels!). Following a residency at the VA Medical Center in Baltimore, he pursued additional training in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Highsmith is one of only five an accredited members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in North Carolina, a Diplomate of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), and a fellow in the Misch Implant Institute. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Western NC Dental Society, and the NC Dental Society. Dr. Highsmith has taken many continuing education courses at LVI, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Education. From 2006 to 2014, Dr. Highsmith was a clinical instructor at LVI, helping teach other dentists cutting edge techniques for cosmetic and functional dentistry.

Although the minimum hours of continuing education to maintain a North Carolina Dental License is only 15 hours a year, Dr. Highsmith regularly takes 200 to 250 hours a year, keeping up with the latest cutting edge techniques and advancements in dentistry, to ensure you the very best for your smile, bite, and oral health.

Dr. Highsmith currently serves on the foundation board for NCCAT (North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching) and has been a member of the Haywood Rotary Club (Paul Harris Fellow and past president) for 25 years. Dr. Highsmith has served Haywood Arts Repertory Theater as Board Member and President, and has appeared ‘on the boards,’ acting in nine productions. Dr. Highsmith served on the Advisory Panel for the Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Departments at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. Previous board memberships include the Haywood Rotary Club, the Haywood County Schools Foundation, Haywood Animal Welfare Association, The United Way, and Haywood Regional Medical Center’s Foundation Board. He is a graduate of UNC-A’s Leadership Haywood program.



Contact Dr. John Highsmith
78 Nelson Street, Clyde, NC 28721
(828) 627-9282
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  • Bernadette Ford says:

    Hi! I just watched your show with Dr. Highsmith. I know it was from several years ago, but had to let you know that around that same time (2017), Dr. Highsmith gave me the smile of my dreams. He is truly an artist, and he really cares about people. I still get compliments all the time on my beautiful teeth!

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