How to Optimize Your Metatabolism – Jeanne & Josh Rubin, Nutrition Consultants

Jeanne and Josh Rubin are Nutrition Consultants and are interviewed about how to optimize your metabolism.

The philosophy behind Jeanne’s and Josh’s approach to nutrition was developed under the influence of human physiology and research studies dating way back to the late 1800s, early 1900s and some even earlier.

The science they present is what they like to refer to as Universal Science, a science based on principles that can be applied to everyone. These are facts we know are true, such as – the sole purpose of eating food is to fuel the body’s cells with energy. Just like a car needs gas, humans require food.

Metabolism begins in the cell, which by definition is the most basic unit of life; this is where your body converts fuel (food) to energy.

Each and every one of your trillion cells has an engine designed to produce energy – the energy needed to fuel ALL your systems. The more efficient your cells are at producing energy, the more energy your body will have at its disposal. When the systems of the body have a steady supply of energy, they are able to repair, rebuild and function at very high levels.



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