Replace Missing Teeth with Mini-Dental Implants with Vandalia, Ohio’s Dentist Thomas Volck, DDS

Randy Alvarez, host of The Wellness Hour, interviews Vandalia, Ohio Cosmetic dentist Thomas Volck, DDS about replacing missing teeth with mini-dental implants.

The revolutionary method of replacing missing teeth or anchoring dentures that is immediate, non-surgical, gentle and cost effective. Imagine having your confidence restored with smiling, speaking and eating in one visit.

The mini-dental implant procedure is not only considerably less costly than conventional dental implants, but also much less involved with little or no discomfort. There is no 3 to 9 month healing time as with conventional dental implants. Thousands of mini-dental implants have been placed with over 95% success rate.

Mini Dental Implants might be a viable choice for patients with a missing tooth/gap problem. If it’s a small tooth, then one mini will be sufficient to be used as an anchor for fixed crown. If it’s a larger tooth, such as a molar, then two mini implants can be used. Your original tooth has two roots, so the most correct biological solution is two implants. Where should they be placed and at what angle? Well, bio-mechanically in the same anatomical spots where the original roots were.

Mini Dental Implants cost less than traditional implants.
There are 40 million Americans without teeth, and only about 3-5% of them have dental implants. Why such a few number of people with dental implants? The typical answer is COST. Traditional implant therapy has left out most Americans. Mini dental implants can offer a solution at a different price point. The procedure to place a mini dental implant is very simple and lots of the surgery and recovery time has been removed. With less surgery comes less cost to the patient.

What are Mini Dental Implants made out of?
Mini dental implants are made of the same Titanium alloy as the larger traditional implants. They have the same surface coatings to allow for them to fuse to your jaw bones; and they do.

Are Mini Implants less expensive?
With the advent of the one piece mini dental implant there are no additional parts and pieces to buy. A typical traditional dental implant consists of the screw that will act as the root of the missing tooth. The dentist then has to purchase an additional part called the abutment. The abutment is what comes up out of the gum and hold the crown or denture in place. Since the mini dental implant is one piece there is no additional fee, the abutment is built right into the implant.

Are Mini Implants Strong?
The mini dental implant is a solid one piece Titanium alloy screw. The traditional implant is hollow in the center to allow the attachment of the abutment with a screw. Thus, a mini implant can be just as strong as a larger two piece implant since there is no screw hole in the center.

Can Mini Dental Implants be used where there has been bone loss?
Absolutely. That is one of the key benefits of the mini implant. Due to its small size it can be inserted into areas where traditional implants would not be possible.

About Dr. Thomas C. Volck
Dr. Volck has trained with some of the world’s most prominent cosmetic dental specialists. He is rapidly becoming known as Vandalia area’s leading dentist for people who want cosmetic dentistry.



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