Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Naturally with Dr. Brian Mowll

Christa Orecchio discusses how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally with Dr. Brian Mowll on The Randy & Christa Show.

There’s a common saying in the diabetes community that diabetes won’t kill you, but it’s complications will. Still, according to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2010, with over 69,000 death certificates listing it as the underlying cause of death.

Add to that the common complications, like cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and infection, and you can multiply that number by 10!

Yet despite these eye-opening statistics, Dr. Brian Mowll still sees far too many people who don’t diabetes seriously.

Diabetes is more dangerous than most people assume, and so it becomes easy for many people with diabetes to get lax in their efforts to manage the dysfunction. A 2012 GAPP2 (Global Attitude of Patients and Physicians 2) survey found that 22% of insulin-using diabetic patients missed a basal insulin dose during a 30-day period.

There are very real dangers diabetes poses if left unchecked or mismanaged, and one of Dr. Mowll’s goals is to motivate you into taking better care of yourself or helping a loved one manage the disease better.

Why is diabetes so dangerous? Because if not managed correctly, it can wreak havoc on just about every system and organ in the body.

Watch this interview to take a look at some of the biggest risks diabetic complications pose.

About Dr. Brian Mowll
Dr. Mowll is the founder and medical director of SweetLife® Diabetes Health Centers and serves clients worldwide as The Diabetes Coach™. He is a master licensed diabetes educator (MLDE), CDE, and was one of the first doctors to be certified to practice functional medicine by the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine.

Since 1998, Dr. Mowll has been helping people across North America to optimize their health and metabolism, control blood sugar, and reverse type 2 diabetes using a natural, personalized lifestyle approach.



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