Rapid Weight Loss and Diet with Steven Gundry, MD

A heart surgeon, Dr. Gundry went on a quest for answers after seeing a 50% reduction in a patient’s heart blockages when the patient lost 45 pounds and started taking vitamins and supplements.

About Dr. Steven Gundry
Dr. Gundry has worked in medicine for over 40 years and is probably best known for his work as a cardiologist and heart surgeon… but today his focus is on something very different: Teaching people how to avoid surgery by using his unique vision of human nutrition.

His mission is to improve your health, happiness and longevity by making simple changes to your diet.

He’s currently the Director and Founder of the International Heart & Lung Institute as well as the Center for Restorative Medicine in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara, California. Every day at these offices, he helps patients learn how to take control of their weight, health and energy by using his surprisingly simple diet advice.

In this interview, he’ll show you how to get full access to his advice without having to wait six months for an appointment.

To learn more, please visit www.drgundry.com.

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