Mini Dental Implants with Steffany Mohan, DDS of Des Moines, Iowa

Most people who have dentures are pretty miserable. Not only that, but they think a dentist will no longer be able to help them because they don’t have any more teeth. If you’ve ever been embarrassed to laugh, chew or eat, this interview with Dr. Mohan is a must-see.

About Dr. Steffany Mohan
A native of Ottumwa, IA, Dr. Mohan earned her Bachelor of Science in agricultural biochemistry at Iowa State University and completed her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of Iowa. She enjoys attending continuing education courses that include ways that patients can improve their quality of life and have a healthy, beautiful mouth and smile. Most recently, Dr. Mohan has completed courses for Invisalign®, implants, and other areas of dentistry that can help patients to look and feel better and have improved function for chewing and smiling.

Dr. Mohan lives in Clive, Iowa with her husband, Mike, and their four wonderful, sweet, crazy kiddos, Luke, Camaryn, Halle, and Josh. They also have a rather large, lovable cat named Nahla. As a family, they love to swim, bike, play golf and tennis, and hang out watching movies. Dr. Mohan can also be found at the farm and spending lots of time outdoors. She loves to read and would stay up all night with a good book if she could!

Dr. Mohan is also active in the community and volunteers for the mobile dental clinic, Mission of Mercy, Saving Smiles, Halloween Candy Buy Back, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Donated Dental Services.


Contact Dr. Steffany Mohan
1089 Jordan Creek Parkway, Suite 100, West Des Moines, IA 50266
(515) 612-7148
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